Woodstock, Virginia native Billy C. Lonas became a fan of country music at a very early age. In his childhood he would listen to Hank William's Sr., Elvis Presley and others as he sang along to the sounds jumping at him from his mother's 45 records - little did he know – the now country music artist's journey would unfold later in his life.


It wasn't until the unfortunate event of his second heartbreak from his high school sweetheart who was then his second wife and would be his second divorce in 1985, Billy's life would change forever, and he would write his very first song entitled, "Prison of My Mind" born from an awaking of thought deep from within his soul. The entire experience took him only twenty minutes and would be the backdrop for many long nights creating a defining sound all its own.


Since then Billy has become an author, humanitarian, philanthropist, and television show host in his very own TV show entitled, "Billy Lonas Country" aired regionally on Time Warner Cable to much acclaim, and more! When speaking on the brand, words like; raw, genuine, and powerful quickly spring to mind. That's because Billy Lonas stands for more than just country. His sound, lyrics, and deep Southern melodies touch country music fans in a way few artists can today. Billy calls it, "Country music on steroids, it will take you to another level."